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Norway was one of the earliest countries recognizing New China in the west. On October 5, 1954, the two countries established diplomatic relations. An agreement between China and Norway on cultural and educational cooperation was signed in 1963, of which the educational programmes included a bilateral personnel exchange by government scholarship and an academic short visit to promote high-level research cooperation. Up to year 2004 there has been more than 660 Chinese students and scholars altogether sponsored by the Chinese government, whereas more than 350 Norwegians by the Norwegian government.

According to the renewed agreement signed early in 2004, the total number of students or research workers from either party will be a total of ten (10) per annum in the coming five years from 2004 to the end of 2008. Each scholarship will cover one academic year (in Norway, 10 months, while in China, 11 months).

China welcomes more self-financed students from Norway to study in China, and for that purpose China will annually provide 10 places free of tuition fees for self-financed students from Norway.


Coverage of scholarship for Norwegian students and scholars

The Chinese authorities will arrange for scholarship holders to be placed in their assigned institutions of higher learning and will also offer the following:

- exemption of tuition fee.

- free student accommodation (to be shared with a fellow student).

- free medical service for holders of scholarships of three months duration or longer (this will not include denture making, dental treatment, optician service, giving birth, abortion, plastic surgery and the treatment of general chronicle diseases). Holders of short-term scholarships of less than three months will be responsible for their own medical expenses.

- an allowance to cover the inter-city travel between the port of entry/departure and the city in which the school is located.

- a stipend.

For the short term scholars from Norway, the recipient party will pay for hotel accommodation according to agreed rates, meals and ground transportation.


Application Procedures

Both governments designate China Scholars Council (CSC) and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) as implementing agencies. Norwegian applicants are expected to present their applications via the RCN and RCN will forward the application to CSC based on its recommendations. Please contact International Scholarship Section of RCN for specific requirements and deadline for application. The deadline for application to CSC is April 30 each year. The arrangement of the scholarship holders will be notified at the end of June each year.

RCN Contact:



Tel: 2203 7000

Fax: 2203 7001

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