We Strongly Oppose Groundless Accusations

Liu Xiaobo is a convicted criminal sentenced to prison in accordance with the law. After Liu was diagnosed with liver cancer during a routine physical check, relevant Chinese departments and medical institutions, in accordance with the law and on humanitarian grounds, have tried their best to provide medical treatment. They have organized 30 joint consultations by Chinese oncologists and invited U.S. and German cancer experts to join Liu's medical team. After comprehensive assessment, the doctors and experts concluded that Liu's condition was not suitable for long travel. Despite emergency efforts, his illness deteriorated and he died of multiple organ failure. During his last hours, Liu was accompanied by his wife and several relatives. They were very grateful for the hard work of all the doctors and nurses. U.S. and German experts also spoke highly of the hospital's work. Be it from the perspective of humanity or medical professionalism, the all-out efforts by relevant Chinese departments and medical institutions are impeccable. 

In defiance of the above-mentioned facts, some Norwegian institutions tried to make a fuss on the issue of Liu Xiaobo, and recklessly pointed their fingers at China. They even created their own version of the story out of assumption and imagination, and imposed the responsibility of Liu Xiaobo's death on China, which is unfair and extremely irresponsible. This has only exposed their deep-rooted arrogance and prejudice against China. China is a country under the rule of law. Liu Xiaobo's case and treatment are essentially China's internal affairs, foreign countries have no right to make irresponsible remarks. We urge relevant institutions to earnestly respect China's judicial sovereignty and stop interfering China's internal affairs by using such a so-called individual case and hyping up the so-called issue of Chinese visa application. Visa policy is under a country's sovereignty. The Embassy of China in Oslo processes visa application in accordance with relevant law, regulations and standard working procedures, which is both justifiable and legitimate. It is absurd that some people even brought media with them when they were applying for a visa. Such farce should stop now.

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